Your Data Monitoring and Alerting Assistant.

Welcome to Alertly! We’ve worked hard to develop...

  • A cloud-based service that reads data streams and sends email and sms text message alerts to users when important conditions are met.

  • A tool for making sure that people are alerted to opportunities as soon as they occur - not days or weeks later

  • A time saver that eliminates the need for users to review reports - Alertly automatically sends alerts when something looks out of line

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How does it work?

  1. You and your users tell Alertly a few key things:

    1. The important conditions you need to know about,

    2. Who you’d like alerted, and

    3. How often you’d like Alertly to scan your data.

  2. Alertly accepts data from your systems and stores it in a secure database. You can stream your data on any schedule: hourly, daily, weekly, even as soon as each event occurs.

  3. Alertly scans your data on the schedule you picked. If nothing interesting has happened you just go about your day. But, if your conditions were exceeded, Alertly sends you and your users emails and text messages showing the data that triggered the alert.

  4. You and your team attack the opportunities in near real time!

What kinds of problems can Alertly solve for me?

Any time data flows through your systems, Alertly scans it, looking for the conditions you’ve told it are important. As opposed to lightweight solutions which alert only when events occur, Alertly can alert you on aggregations of events. So, for example, while some solutions might be able to tell you if a sale is made, Alertly can tell you if total sales for any salesperson exceeds their target for the past 30 days.

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few!

Apply Alertly any time that people review data (or wish they had the time to review data) looking for outliers. For example:

  • Fraud Detection: Alert the auditing group as soon as the same credit card is used in more than one of my stores within a two hour period.

  • Marketing Automation: Send the sales team a text message as soon as someone clicks on a link on your web site or in a marketing email you’ve sent.

  • Internet of Things Monitoring: Proactively contact maintenance if a jet engine generates more than 20 messages exceeding a certain severity level in any 15 minute period.

  • Sales Management: Alert the sales manager as soon as any of his sales team exceeds their sales goal by 30% - or falls more than 30% below their target.

  • Inventory Management: Alert purchasing if the quantity on hand of any item falls below its reorder level.

Interacting with Alertly

IT professionals can fully configure Alertly via a rich, RESTful Application Programming Interface. Users with permission can use any web browser to access our user interface and configure their own alerts.

Getting Data into Alertly

Alertly currently accepts JSON and CSV files. Files can be submitted on the schedule of your choice - hourly, daily, weekly, or even instantly as your systems capture new records.


Developers access Alertly via a rich, RESTful API. All aspects of the system including structuring and submitting data, submitting alerts, identifying alert recipients, and more, can be accessed via the API.


To ease adoption, Alertly offers a Python software developer kit. Please contact us for beta access. You can get to the documentation here. Additional SDKs are planned, so if you are looking for a particular language, let us know!.

User Interface

Alertly’s user interface allows authorized users to set up and modify alerts on their own - without help from IT!

Customizing Alerts

Want to personalize your notification email and SMS messages with your own text and graphics? Alertly allows user organizations to create their own message templates, complete with tags that are replaced with key information when alerts run.

Ready to get started? Let us help monitor your data for you!